Active Product Installers and Related Downloads

This page will always provide a link for each product installer, at the latest level.

Core Product Downloads

  • Flynet Viewer x64 Terminal Emulation Server 2016 for 64bit PC/Server- September 1, 2017
         (Connectivity and Web Terminal Emulation)
  • Flynet Viewer Terminal Emulation Server 2016 for 32Bit PC/Server- September 1, 2017
         (Connectivity and Web Terminal Emulation)
  • For .NET Developers: to do Web Service Generation and/or Modernization/Migration, be aware that you need to install one of the Emulation Servers (use 32 or 64 bit link, above) before installing Flynet Viewer Studio (the developer’s IDE), which is used to map screens and model web services or UI modernization/migration.
    Flynet Viewer Designer Studio 2016  (August 29, 2017):

Tools and Utilities