Flynet Viewer Setups 2016AT

Flynet Viewer 2016AT Enhancements and Fixes

  • Further Continuous Updates, Enhancements and Fixes

Flynet Viewer Base Product and Components (Version: 5.0.283)

Flynet Viewer Emulation Service and Runtime Framework (Version 5.0.283)

  • Administration Console added Server Status as well as control of HOLD to gracefully take server offline
  • VT420 support added as terminal configuration option as well as “Old Belgium” Code page
  • VT Save/Restore Cursor and Attributes bug fix for 64bit mode
  • VT added support for German and Austrian Code page
  • Ascii Terminal types now support scrolling history area, including control of buffer sizes to manage large scroll areas
  • Admin Console added “Test Changes” button to enable quick testing of host definition changes
  • Increased maximum password length for SSH connections to 128 characters
  • SSH disconnect improved in certain situations
  • TN5250 Save/Restore optimized
  • Improved user communications for Telnet handshake errors like LUName rejected
  • Server Clustering now supports hold status enabling one or more servers to be taken gracefully offline for maintenance during production
  • Cluster support now has improved management of a server being down for an extended period then brought back online
  • Cluster help documentation improved to include hold status support as well as advise on load balancing
  • Added documentation for the Inventu Flynet Viewer Appliance
  • ViewerLib API added improved recognition support for ASCII screens involving cursor location recognition–now will automatically detect when entry fields and other possible cursor landing fields are valid in terms of recognition
  • Taskbar control is now elevated to Administrator status to avoid loss of control over services

FVTerm Web Terminal Emulation Feature

  • Scrolling for ASCII terminal types now supported–when a terminal scrolls, the client browser space will gain a scrollbar to the right, which when moved will reveal the scroll history.  Configured with web.config setting with scrollHistoryMax to set the maximum scroll lines maintained in the browser
  • Improved user information display for connection issues and management of bad connections
  • Installer will now preserve specially commented areas in the files SCTerm.html, welcome.htm, topmenu.html and showkeys.htm –these are now included and allow the inclusion of javascript to set a custom document.domain for environments needing javascript calls between the FVTerm environment and a hosting customer web page
  • WebSockets in clustered servers had an issue when a server took-over sessions for another server, which would prevent use of WebSockets for those sessions (downgraded to AJAX)
  • The Inventu Macro Rejuvenation Workbench in alpha — provides high-level tool to convert Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) macros from desktop terminal emulator environments.  The Workbench converts macros to FVTerm Server Macros running as VB.NET assemblies.
  • Server Macros added new Status Message as well as additional support for converted macros
  • VT added support for true double-width lines, including font transforms to stretch the font width
  • VT Blinking Attribute restored to support true blinking in the HTML/CSS
  • Improved support for serverInfo web.config setting–now allows @ to signal that instead of text, a filename is referenced.  This allows identical web.config files to be propagated across servers while retaining each server’s unique identity
  • In the status information for the FVTerm client, the user’s IP Address, LUName and additional info (like serverInfo) is provided when moving the mouse over the ? icon
  • Added support for load balance inquiry with the FVHealth.aspx module, documented in the FVClusters help documentation
  • Can now customize specific CSS files for specific hosts, so that different hosts can have different colors, even if for the same protocol
  • Operator Help was improved to display latest help in an improved format
  • The implementation of the hotspots javascript SCHSDefs.js file was enhanced to enable fully customized detection of function key definitions.  A sample is included that supports definitions with text followed by the number of the function key
  • Added optional web.config option that a double-click with the mouse will enter the current screen with an [enter] key (along with the cursor position of the mouse)
  • Cursor Blink is now more reliable across all browsers

Microsoft Management Console Add-In (FVMMC) and Recorder 2.0

  • MMC Console has improved clustered server support including the ability to view hold status as well as set hold status for selected servers
  • Recorder 2.0 enhanced to support better documentation of each screen as well as viewing and modifying documentation in View mode
  • Recorder 2.0 handles host closing the connection to properly terminate and convert to final recording format
  • Improved keystroking for ASCII hosts in Recorder 2.0 so that keys are buffered during communications which results in better, more consistent navigation in FVStudio code generations

Flynet Viewer Studio (Build:

Development Environment

  • Added support to generate Visual Studio 2017 Solutions as well as utilizing the MSBuild.exe now distributed starting with VS2017
  • Improved management of imported screens for ASCII terminal environments
  • Fixed issues with custom navigation to screens not properly recognized
  • Subscription-based licensing support was added for Studio
  • Converted all calls to the CSC.EXE c# compiler to utilize the .NET Framework, which adds more reliability and improves error management.  Some cases where a warning is displayed about the CSC.exe version should no longer occur.

Generated Applications Framework

  • Improved navigation in ASCII terminal environments
  • Added CursorStateSave to enable faster recognition when one ASCII screen behaves like a popup and may leave the cursor in an entry field instead of the location used for recognition
  • Added ability to specify a column in a multirow fieldmap as one where the cursor may land in an ASCII screen, so that recognition works faster and more reliably

Modernized Web UI Generation

  • New option supports user refresh of a live UI application without restarting the application (refreshes for active screen)
  • Fixed and improved some issues with the FVPage UI base class
  • Improved initialization of the FVTerm embedded emulator to speed startup
  • Added sample UIEntryByFieldID.cs generated class for ASCII field-by-field entry in numbered screens

Web Service Generation

  • The VisualStudioFolderName property and functionality is now supported for Web Service projects as well as UI projects, which allows a directory of custom class modules
  • WcfTester.html was generated incorrectly for EDIT screen IO Types

Visual Studio Add-In / Extension for Visual Studio 2015 and 2017

  • A Visual Studio Extension is now available for Visual Studio 2010 and above — prior to this, VS2015 and VS2017 were not able to utilize the extension which offers power-tools when modifying a Flynet Visual Studio Solution
  • Available for download at: